The Geigertown Fire Company provides 24/7 Fire, Rescue, and EMS services to the citizens of Robeson Township, as well as mutual aid response to surrounding communities.  Volunteer fire companies provide these services to communities that in most cases wouldn't be able to afford a paid department. Volunteer companies saved PA taxpayers over $123 Million dollars last year alone. In fact, over 75% of fire departments in the U.S are volunteer.  


The Geigertown Fire Company is actively recruiting for members of all kinds. Like many fire companies across the nation, we are in need of volunteers. We are looking for energetic individuals for both emergency response roles and also business/ fundraising roles.


The types of members we are looking for are listed below.  A membership application is available below, included are the application guidelines. If you have any questions, think you're ready, or just need a little help getting there, please feel free to email us, stop by the station any Monday evening between 7:00pm - 9:00pm or call and leave a message.  We will be glad to talk to you about what we can do for you, and what you can do for us!  





Membership Application
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Types of Members

Junior Firefighters

Men & Women 14-17 years of age. 

These members are a vital part of the organizations future.  While they are limited to the amount of work they can perform, hours they can volunteer and equipment they can train on, this is the perfect time to observe and learn so you are ready to step into a senior role when eligible.  These members assist in the operations of the fire department following strict OSHA guidelines.  This is a great way to meet new friends and help your community at the same time.


Senior Firefighters

Men & Women 18+ years of age. 

There is a great deal of excitement and a sense of accomplishment that comes with extinguishing a structure fire, extricating a trapped patient from their vehicle, or saving a life. The satisfaction, camaraderie, and experience received from the fire and rescue service is often beyond description. However, this business is not for everyone. Firefighters need courage, dedication, assertiveness, and above all a desire to help others in need. Firefighters perform strenuous work that tests their abilities in uncertain and often hazardous situations.  Firefighters in the Friendship Fire Company #1 of Geigertown have nearly endless opportunities for training and advancement. Whether your dream is to be fire chief or you would be happy being a basic firefighter, we have a place for you. Your advancement is only limited by the level of certification, training, and experience you reach.  There are basic training requirements that you must complete in a given time frame, beyond that it is up to you how far you advance yourself.  All training and equipment is paid for by the fire department and given on a seniority basis.


QRS Members

Men & Women certified as a First Responder or higher.

QRS means Quick Response Service which is recognized by the State of Pennsylvania Department of Health as an Emergency Unit.  The mission of the QRS is to provide the community, in which we serve, with compassionate care in a time of need. Our pre-hospital service is trusted by our residents and must always be maintained at the highest level of standards. This is an organization comprised of dedicated and competent caregivers listening and communicating the needs of our patients. Our existence is not just to respond to the calls of the sick and injured, but to have involvement in the community, and to implement programs that will benefit and enhance well-being and quality of life.  To be part of the QRS roster you must have and maintain a certification of First Responder, EMT, Paramedic, Nurse or Doctor.  If you do not have the training, but would like to become a member down the road, you can join the fire department and attend training courses to obtain certification.


Forestry Crew Members
Forestry fires, or "Brush Fires" as they are commonly called in our area are a common response for our station. While most calls for response to these are small in size, they can pose a hazard to structures and lives and can grow large if not handled quickly and efficently.  Geigertown has had a forestry crew for years and is now  recognized by the State as Hopewell Wildland Forestry Crew. An Assistant Forest Fire Warden over sees the crews of Geigertown, Birdsboro and Monacacy Fire Companys. The forestry crew can be called to respond outside of Robeson Township  by the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources as a support crew if the need arises. They commonly get called to Never Sink Mountain in Reading and Mount Penn. Training is provided by the state online and in person for free in the form of the S-190 S-130. These training classes can open up many avanues to further a career in Wildand Firefighting. For further information please contact


Fire Police


Don't want to fight fires or work accident scenes?  How about a job that keeps those that do safe?  Fire Police are a valuable asset to any fire department, as they can close down roadways or divert traffic and keep the volunteers safe as they work at emergency scenes.  Fire Police go through basic training and are sworn in by the local judge.



Active Members

Non-firefighters - however just as valuable.


An active member is someone who chooses to not fight fires, but is very active in other areas of running a volunteer fire department.  These people help at fundraisers, hold company officer positions such as treasurer or secretaries.  These members donate priceless hours to help make our fire company what it is today.


Interested in joining?

Visit our Recruitment Page to learn about the different levels of membership.  If you're ready to apply now, download the application here!

Membership Application
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